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Aenon Wholemeal Atta Noodles 全麦面条 (500g)

RM 13.50

Have you ever eaten wholemeal noodles and felt like you were trying to chew rope? Or maybe worse yet, rope that has grains of sand in it? This absolutely will not be your experience with Aenon Health Food's Atta Noodles. In fact, you would hardly be able to tell the difference between these noodles and refined noodles from the supermarket.  What makes it even more exciting is that there isn't only one flavour that you have to stick with!
We have multiple flavours and  that you can pick from:
Wholemeal, for those who like to go with the original.
Spinach, for those who want to be strong like Popeye the sailor man.
Beetroot, for those who want to up their intake of iron and folate.
Turmeric, for those who want to ingest some anti-inflammatory goodness with their meal.

That's not all, you can even choose the shape of your noodles, as there are flat noodles and even ramen to choose from, for the wholemeal variety.

So pick and choose, and find your best suit!


Wholemeal: Wholemeal atta flour, high protein flour, salt, water

Spinach: Wholemeal atta flour, spinach, high protein flour, salt, water

Beetroot: Wholemeal atta flour, beetroot, high protein flour, salt, water

Turmeric: Wholemeal atta flour, high protein flour, turmeric powder, salt, water

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