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Aenon Health Care (est. 1999) operates a Lifestyle Centre in the small town of Tampin, Negeri Sembilan, less than an hour's drive away from Melaka. Aenon Health Care's lifestyle programs serve to provide holistic healing and rejuvenation. Through lifestyle changes, education, and much more, we seek to arm our health guests with intellectual and experiential knowledge that will bring them superior physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual health.

Our health guests enroll in our programs for different reasons. Many come here to seek out treatment for chronic ailments through natural remedies and lifestyle changes. Others come to accompany their loved ones or friends. Still more come for relaxation, the delicious wholesome meals, and even for educational purposes.
Regardless of the reason they come or the length of their stay, each health guest returns home revitalised and blessed. Besides the certificate, health foods, and souvenirs given them, each brings home with them a unique and personalised souvenir—their own experience.

Prior to returning home, our health guests have the privilege of visiting our Health Store to stock up on health foods, so that they can keep up their healthy diet while at home.

Due to the pandemic, a large number of our health guests are no longer able to come to the Health Centre. Many miss the natural, wholesome food found here. By setting up this online store, it is our desire that these products will be made readily available to them, and also to all who wish to have the convenience of buying health foods from the comforts of their home.

Whoever you are, whatever your needs may be, we hope that this store will help make your life during this pandemic a better one!