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Swedish Bitters 瑞典灵方

Swedish Bitters 瑞典灵方 (30ml)

RM 140.00

Bitter is not the most popular taste that people would seek out, but bitters bring about many health benefits, as quickly as from the moment you taste them! In the 18th century, Maria Treben, an Austrian herbalist, perfected her own bitters formula using local herbs, and used it to treat a wide variety of both internal and external ailments.

To this day, the health benefits reaped from this product range from soothing eye strain and chicken pox to relieving allergies, treat throat infections, improving liver function, supporting digestion, and many more. 


Extracts from manna, aloe, senna leaves, rhubarb root, zedoary root, angelica root, theriac venezian, carline thistle root, myrrh, camphor & saffron