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Remember Your Creator Book 5: Piano Duets

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About Book 5
Good duet books that both children and adults can manage are a rarity. These Christian songs arranged in a unique way where everyone can sight play, sing and enjoy is a wonderful way to bond family and friends,
heighten interest in music and piano playing, sharpen listening and ensemble skills, and be enriched in the heart. To all who hear them being played, may your life be empowered through the sound of music.

About the SERIES:
Having taught diplomas, higher and lower grades in piano and theory for over 40 years, Roxana Tang realizes that both children and adult students can really benefit from the Christian songs she had learnt through singing them as a child.

These songs are beautiful melodies written to poems. They are now arranged in such a way that piano students get a lot of practice for musicianship elements like sight-singing, exposure to the different intervals used in progressive order, examples to theoretical analyses such as auxiliary notes for melodic decorations and suspensions, filling in blanks to harmonize and improvise in preparation for examinations, as well as aural requirements like musical textures and chord recognition.

All of these and more are included in this series of books that train the serious and leisure pupil to be aware of all these concepts as they learn, sing, play and enjoy the piano. These songs, so full of educational ideas,and yet so lovely and meaningful, are indeed a treasure arranged with much love for everyone’s benefit.

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