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Aenon Red Bean Bun 红豆面包 (3pcs) (270g)

RM 2.80

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Eating adzuki beans = introducing antioxidants, fibre, protein, and loads of nutrients into your body! So what? They help reduce diabetes risk, aid weight loss, improve heart health, and more. "Tao Sa" or red bean paste is a common way these beans are eaten, but what good are the nutrients in these beans if you add lots of sugar, and oil to it, and then fry it? This bun gives you a good amount of nutrients from adzuki bean paste that has been made with little sugar, no oil, and no frying. We've even added orange zest to the paste to give it a vibrant, refreshing taste! 


Bread: Atta flour, whole-wheat flour, water, ground flaxseeds, brown sugar, olive oil, instant dry yeast, gluten flour, Himalayan rock salt
Filling: Red beans, brown sugar, corn starch, orange peel, lime juice, Himalayan rock salt