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Aenon Dried Raisins 葡萄干 (100g/500g)

RM 3.80

You probably know this already, but these tiny, shrivelled-up, dark-coloured sweet bits called "Raisins" are actually dehydrated grapes! Often referred to as "nature's candy", raisins are packed with sugar, making them a suitable on-the-go energy booster. What else can we find packed into these tiny little morsels? Lots of fibre, iron, calcium, boron, antioxidants, and antimicrobials—which means that while you enjoy a sweet treat, your body reaps the benefits of good digestion, a rosier complexion, stronger bones, and much more! So the next time you’re craving candy or sweets, consider munching on some raisins to satisfy your yearning!


100% Raisins. No preservatives. No colouring.