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Organic Burdock Root Herbal Tea 有机养生牛蒡茶

GBT Organic Burdock Root Herbal Tea 有机养生牛蒡茶 (100g)

RM 28.00

Burdock root has been used for centuries in Europe, North America and Asia as a digestive treatment and a diuretic. More recently, it's been used to treat chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. Although burdock root is eaten as a cooked vegetable, you get similar health benefits from drinking tea made by steeping the root in boiling water. Burdock root contains powerful antioxidants which help protect against tumour-cell growth. Detoxification, increased nutrition intake, and regulation of the body's nutrition balance are just a few more health benefits received from consuming burdock root herbal tea. What's more, burdock root herbal tea doesn't only keep you healthy; it also promotes longevity!

Ingredients: 100% Burdock root