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Organic Pure Chamomile Tea, 20 bags

RM 16.90

100% Organic herbal infusion of chamomile flowers.

Contains 20 tea bags.

This chamomile which organically grown in the foothill of The Andes mountains has very pleasant aroma and flavour. It is a wonderful tea to calm and relax your chaotic mind.


Product Highlight

Relax and destress.


  • Made from chamomile that cultivated organically in the beautiful southern Andes.
  • The chamomile is harvested by hand to preserve the essence of the herbs.
  • Distinctive aroma of chamomile due to the diversified climate, soil condition, high altitude and the Andean quality of the water.
  • The herb teas are packed in double chamber teabags and each is protected with a paper envelope that guarantees the optimum freshness.
  • Every tea box and shipping carton are made of recycled paper.


Country of Origin


100% chamomile flowers (Chamomila recutita)