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Sanctuary Book

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About the Book
“Write a book on the Sanctuary in 10 days,” was the instruction given to the author in a dream. Hence, over the next 10 years, Belinda and David studied the Old Testament Sanctuary and its services. Using precepts from the Bible, they began to decode the symbols represented therein to reveal the spiritual realities of the Creator’s treatment plan for all humanity, enslaved in a rat race, and struggling to find meaning and purpose in the brief life on earth.

Have things gone wrong before and you are looking for truth, love and joy? Are you wondering about the fundamental questions of life, such as: Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I come from? Where am I going? How should I live?

The way to truth, love, joy, healing, hope, and lasting happiness is encapsulated in 10 significant principles inspired by the Sanctuary pathway. They reveal how to cultivate a trusting, experiential, transformational relationship with God, who alone can heal the damage of sin, and how to know the character of love of the only true and living God and His purposes for your life. The principles, together with the prophetic timeline, should propel the reader to race towards the high calling—to be the ‘fit’ person God designed us to be. May you find  your God-given identity of who you are in Christ, and an incredible sense of value in Him, in whose presence is fullness of joy and pleasures forever.

About the Author
Upon completing her Master’s degree in the UK at age 28, Belinda made a resolution to dedicate her life to God when she turned 50. She spent most of her working career in marketing and corporate development in the electronics and healthcare industry. God provided the opportunity for her and her husband, David Tang, to study at the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, Sacramento, USA, in 2010. He also gave them a vision and a dream, which is fulfilled by this book.