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Greeny Quinoa Enzyme Milk (600g)

RM 88.00

Vegan Protein Enzymes with Vitamin B12

Organic Tri-Colour Quinoa provides high-quality plant-based protein essential for body tissue growth and development.

综合消化酵素 - 减轻消化不良症状:

Multiple digestive enzymes reduce symptoms of indigestion :

  • AMYLASE Enzymes 淀粉酵素 - 消化碳水化合物 digests carbohydrate 
  • PROTEASE Enzymes 蛋白酵素 - 消化蛋白质 digests protein
  • LIPASE Enzymes 脂肪酵素 - 消化脂肪 digests fat
  • CELLULASE Enzymes 纤维酵素 - 消化纤维 digests fibre
  • LACTASE Enzymes 乳糖酵素 - 消化乳糖 digests lactose

Suitable For: The elderly, children, pregnant or lactating women, athletes, diabetics, individuals with high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol, vegetarian or health-conscious adults.