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Black Sesame Loaf 黑芝麻吐司面包 (335g)

RM 8.00

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If you love black sesame, this Sesame Loaf is the way to go; if you loathe black sesame, in love with it you'll grow. It's even enjoyable to eat this loaf, because it is actually a sesame roll loaf! Imagine unrolling each slice as you eat it! Besides having some fun eating it, you can also maintain healthy bones, teeth, hair, and immunity because of the calcium, zinc, magnesium, and other trace elements found in the black sesame. C'mon, you'll want to try this for sure!

Weight: 335g


Bread: Atta flour, whole wheat flour, water, ground flaxseeds, brown sugar, olive oil, instant dry yeast, gluten flour, Himalayan rock salt
Paste: Black sesame paste, honey, sugar, Himalayan rock salt