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Scented Wax Ring 衣柜香薰蜡片

RM 5.00

This pretty scented wax ring is a great addition to any wardrobe or bathroom, bringing in a wonderful floral scent whenever you open the doors. Each of the four different designs have different scents, but all smell great!

Please note that as this item is handmade each one will be unique and as close to the photograph as possible. As each flower used is unique, the product may be slightly different from the photos shown.


  • Use indoors as an air freshener and a home decoration!
  • Perfect to hang in your wardrobe and drawer to freshen up and make your clothes smell amazing everyday
  • Use in car as a rear mirror charm and car fragrance
  • Hang in your bathroom to deodorise and as a vanity accessory
  • Would make a special gift which feels really festive
  • Use it as a unique Christmas tree scented hanging ornament