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MH Foods Organic Oat Flour 燕麦粉 (500g)

RM 8.50

If you're into healthy baking, allow us to introduce you to oat flour. Oat flour offers a mildly nutty flavour and a tender crumb. It is a nutritional powerhouse that packs your food with protein, fibre, and mineral contents. That means that adding oat flour into your baked goods will definitely help you meet your dietary needs faster than any ordinary flour will! As a bonus, oat flour will help you to feel full faster, and is a plus point if you're into weight-control. When substituting oat flour for wheat flour, you'll need to substitute it according to weight (100g of oat flour for 100g of wheat flour) and not by volume (1 cup to 1 cup is a no-no). Try it out, and share your success stories (or even recipes) with us!

Ingredients: Organic oat flour