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Vegetarian Minced Meat Bun 素肉碎面包 (3pcs) (270g)

RM 2.80

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With its texture similar to ground meat, texturized vegetable protein (TVP) is a perfect substitute for minced pork! What gives TVP the edge over minced pork? It is a complete protein made from soybeans, and you'll have no worries about excess fats, carbs, and even the possibility of liver cancer! This bun certainly has a wonderful flavour and texture that will wow anyone--meat-lover or vegetarian!


Bread: Atta flour, whole-wheat flour, water, ground flaxseeds, brown sugar, grapeseed oil, instant dry yeast, gluten flour, Himalayan rock salt.
Filling: TVP, mushroom vegetarian meat (shiitake mushroom), winter melon, red onion, garlic, grapeseed oil, star anise powder, soy sauce, Himalayan Rock Salt, nutritional yeast, black bean sauce.