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Korea Manna Nori full cut seaweed 50 sheets

RM 24.30

This restaurant-grade seaweed sheet is imported from Korea and made from 100% Korean seaweeds. No added salt, artificial flavouring or coloring, 100% natural seaweeds. Unlike the regular nori seaweed, Manna seaweed sheets are double roasted for extra crispiness.

To maintain the seaweed's crispness and freshness, Manna sushi seaweed comes in aluminium foil packaging which is an excellent barrier against UV light.

It is used for wrapping sushi or onigiri and used as a garnish for various Japanese and Korean dishes. Use it for making maki sushi (sushi roll), temaki sushi (handroll), gunkan sushi, onigiri, gimbap, etc. It can be used with full size for sushi roll or cut into desirable sizes for wrapping and topping.

Manna Yaki Sushi Nori

Product: Roasted Seaweed Sheet

Origin: Product of Korea

Quantity: 50 sheets

Size: 18.5x20cm

Certification: Halal

Certified by KMF and HACCP Certified

Manufacturer: Manna Food Co., Ltd

Ingredient: 100% Seaweed

Expiry Date: October 2022

Feature: Double Roasted for Crispy Texture