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Honey Lime Sour Plum Tea 金桔蜂蜜酸梅茶
Limited Edition

Honey Lime Sour Plum Tea 金桔蜂蜜酸梅茶 (700g)

RM 15.00

Whether it’s the dry climate, sore throats or just plain thirst, a refreshing cup of zesty, salty-sweet sour plum and calamansi juice will do the trick to cool your body off. Traditionally used as a delicious thirst quencher, sour plum and calamansi juice, which is made from calamansi limes (limau kasturi), honey and Chinese dried plums, has a sweet and salty flavour with a hint of tanginess that’s never too sour unlike lemonade tends to be. Psst… if the hot weather has you losing your appetite, a chilled glass of sour plum and calamansi juice also does the job to bring it right back on track almost instantly!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Organic lime, plum, honey