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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 特级初榨橄榄油 (250ml)

RM 19.90

Ever wondered what's the big deal about olive oil and why it's so popular? Well, research shows that the health benefits obtained from olive oil use and consumption are unrivalled. Extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties due to high phenolic acid content, and it can even have similar effect as pain-killers and fever-reducers. Rich in vitamin K, it promotes good blood and healthy coagulation. With a 70% monounsaturated fatty acid content, extra virgin olive oil helps prevent cholesterol buildup in the blood and reduces risks of heart disease. Olive oil doesn't even boost internal health only; it has been shown to boost hair and skin health! These are just a few of the numerous health benefits! If you want a shortcut to knowing how good this is, just get a bottle for yourself!


Organic extra virgin olive oil