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Brown Rice Puffs 糙米米果 (300g)

RM 16.90

Originating from Taiwan, these Brown Rice Puffs are light, crispy snacks that are a joy to eat! Munching on these wholesome snacks manufactured from brown rice will introduce more fibre and nutrients to your system than will munching on snacks made from highly refined ingredients. Being made without added sugars, chewing each crisp puff will enable you to taste the natural sweetness of the brown rice used, blended with a healthy amount of soy sauce powder and miso! These tiny puffs sure have more health benefits than you know!


Brown rice, palm oil, non-GMO corn, grain sorghum, non-GMO miso (Non-GMO soy, rice, water, salt, fructose, miso koji), salt, soy sauce powder (wheat, soy, salt, sugar, maltodextrin), silicon dioxide